No, the tutors are self employed. So, all negotiations should be done with them regarding arranging sessions and making payments
No, we do not. Presently, it is free to use our system.
Yes, a good number of the tutors are CRB/DBS checked. However, some are not. This is indicated on the tutor profile based on their response during registration. It is the responsibility of the parent/student to check this with the tutor. Having said that however,private tutors do not really qualify to receive one because private tutoring is not regarded as 'regulated activity' under current legislation. If a student who is under 18 is to be tutored, it would be useful for the tutor to have a CRB/DBS if the
Yes, every registered user can change their profile information by logging in to their account and making all the necessary changes.
Yes, tutors and students need to register to avail the features of the website. The registration process is however simple and straightforward. In just about 3-5 minutes, you should be able to contact a tutor.
Students can contact a tutor in two different ways. They can either register, message them or request a call back. Alternatively, student can decide to view tutor's details using the "view contact" button on the tutor profile page.
Tutors can search latest posts by students and then view their details after they must have logged in.